Activity Sectors


Food Industry

Sugar industry, Palm oil industry, Beverage Industry.


Sulphuric Acid, Chemical Production, Fertilizer production.

Other industries (paper, etc)

Process Industry using steam, power generation, machinery.

Your factory is running with installations such as boilers, exchangers, economizers, power generators, machineries or workshops ? We support you by providing you with expertise, complete equipments, site installation and site maintenance. Our scope includes the corresponding spare parts supply.


Ship Owners

Your ships need running maintenance on marine boilers, generators, motors, control panels, painting, cables, or mechanical spares.
Our team provides you with maintenance technicians and spare parts supply.

Port Infrastructure

Your operations include crane-trolleys, dock-lifting beams, container forklifts, workshops, conveyors, generators, and other technical installations.
We provide you with quality service : supply such equipements (re-design and production), corresponding maintenance and training.


Your ships need heavy service work on generators, motors, control panels, boilers, fibre cabling? We provide you with expert technicians dedicated to such repairs, replacement et installation.


Mining operations

Open-cast or underground mining, our team has the experience to provide with technical assistance in challenging environment. We provide you with urgent spare parts supply, full equipment delivery, or maintenance on site.

Mining facility

Your facility is composed by power generators, camp buildings including meeting rooms, kitchen, etc, in an hostile environment (climate and security).


Power Generation
Coal, oil, gas, biomass, waste

Handling boilers, economisers, burners and generators? Your power station needs repair, maintenance or expertise ? We provide you with equipment and parts supply, maintenance and expertise.

Oil Refining & Process

Your process uses, exchangers, condensors, waste heat boiler or economiser? We provide you with complete equipment supply, corresponding service and spare parts.

Renewable power generation

Solar & Wind