Greens Power Ltd

ETTS is the distributor of Greens Power Ltd (UK) covering Middle-East and Africa

Few words about our partner Greens Power Ltd

Greens Power Ltd specialises in the design and fabrication of Marine and Land Boilers, Economisers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Waste Heat Boilers and Steam Air Heaters.

Greens Power Limited boilers are supplied for merchant and naval vessels such as cruise liners, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, frigates, FPSOs and aircraft carriers as well as many land based industrial applications. Recent projects include Waste to Energy applications and utility size infrastructure projects which have been supplied for many years under various company trading names such as Greens Economisers, Senior-Green, Thermal Engineering Ltd, Grazebrook, Spanner Boilers, Greens Diesecon, Foster Wheeler Marine Boilers and Foster Wheeler ESD boilers.

Greens Power Limited Economisers are supplied for industrial and utility applications, for all fuel types and especially associated with clean gas technology for applications up to 1100MW.